About Empower Us


What is Empower Us?

Empower Us is the work we do at Inclusion International to grow self-advocacy around the world.

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Empower Us was developed following Inclusion International's global report on self-advocacy Self-Advocacy for Inclusion. 

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Who are we?

Our Empower Us work is led by us – people with intellectual disabilities who are self-advocates. Our Action Team are self-advocate leaders from around the world, including the self-advoacte council members of Inclusion International.

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What do we want?

Inclusion International want the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in our communities.

We know that an important part of making this  happen is through self-advocacy. We want more people to be self-advocates and understand how to support  self-advocacy and inclusion. 

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What do we do?

We give advice and support to Inclusion International members on self-advocacy and inclusion. 

We do this by giving training and by creating and sharing information and resources like how-to guides for self-advocates, families and organisations. 

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