Empower Us Action Team

We are really excited to announce our #EmpowerUs Action Team!

We now have a group of experienced self-advocate leaders from around the world who will be working with us and giving advice and support to anyone who needs help on self-advocacy and inclusion!

We are excited to have self-advocates from USA, Austria, Kenya, Canada, New Zealand, Egypt, Australia, Belgium, and Peru as part of the work and helping us with our Empower Us work!

You can find out more about the Action Team here https://drive.google.com/…/1-Yx2i5vDfrnpHXy3aDg1-eP2G…/view…

Our Action Team will continue to grow and include more self-advocate leaders from around the world in the next few weeks, months and hopefully years! So let us know if you are interested in supporting families, organisations and other self-advocates with their work.