Jayne's report on Empower Us self-advocacy training in Togo

My name is Jayne Akinyi. I am an intern for Empower Us. Empower Us is Inclusion International’s self-advocacy initiative.

Empower Us is about encouraging self-advocacy to grow around the world. We do this through creating and sharing training and resources for self-advocates, families and organisations.

In November 21st & 22nd, 2017 Empower Us ran Self-Advocacy Training in Togo. It was a two-day training about self-advocacy and support.

Myself and Mark Mapemba, the self-advocate representative for Africa on the Inclusion International and member of the Empower Us leadership team led the training.

From my point of view as a facilitator, I learnt that African self-advocates are ready to be heard and are willing to know a lot about their rights and work to make inclusion happen.   

I feel at the end of the conference, we still need to have other training both locally regionally and internationally for self-advocates since many still don’t know their rights and were struggling with the training to begin with, but the more chances we have to learn the stronger we will become. Providing more training like will be very significant and widen the self-advocacy movement. 

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