The Leadership Team

Empower Us is led by the self-advocate council members of Inclusion International.

We speak up for people with an intellectual disability in the five regions of the world on the council of Inclusion International.

Chaica Al Qassimi




Luis Gabriel Villareal

Luis Gabriel is from Colombia and represents the Americas region. 

Luis Gabriel has been representing the voices of self-advocates from the region of the Americas, since 2015 . Luis Gabriel speaks English and Spanish.

Luis Gabriel says his greatest achievement as a self-advocate is "To know many people with disabilities from around the world who are making great changes in their communities, and to to represent my region in a positive and right way."


Mark Mapemba

Mark is from Malawi and  represents the region of Africa

Mark is proud of his work as a self-advocate especially "standing up for intellectual disability rights in my country Malawi"

Mark  says "I will empower my fellow African Self Advocates, and make their voices be heard"


David Corner

David represents the region of Asia-Pacific.

David says "I am a person with intellectual disability and Autism and I live in New Zealand. I am committed to promoting and encouraging self advocacy"

David's greatest achievement as a self-advocate has been networking and engaging with other self advocates around the world, sharing stories about self advocacy and being part of Inclusion International.



Sara Pickard 

Sara is from the UK and represents the region of Europe.

Sara's greatest achievement as a self-advocate was speaking up about health issues for people with intellectual disabilities  at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Sara says she is proud to see "best practices in self-advocacy being championed by Empower Us and spread to all countries in the world eventually."